Bitten Videos (spoiler alert)


OK, you have been warned. If you are one of the unfoortunate souls who hasn't had the chance to see Bitten yet and watch Erica Cox and Jason Mewes work the majic on the screen you may not want to watch the second video we have for you in this post. Of course, we think it will only make you want to go get Bitten and watch it even more but that's up to you.

Anyway, here is the first video. It's pretty tame just shows off the ultra sultry Erica Cox but doesn't the whole movie do that?

See what I mean? Who cares about acting experience? When you have a look like that there aren't many people listning ofr your comic timing.

Next up we have an action scene that is about as funny as it gets. Tis is the scene that contains a spoiler so watch at your own risk. Erica is HOT in this one as well and Jason is just plain funny. Check it out.

Awesome huh? I just love this film. what's your favorite scene? That's it for this time, check back soon cuz we will be vringing you more and more of the ot fun and comedy of Erica Cox and Jason Mewes in Bitten the movie.

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